Are you experiencing severe lower back pains going to the hips and your legs? This might be a sign of sciatica which you should never ignore. If you are unfamiliar with this body pain and don’t know how to treat it, do not worry because Peak Potential Family Chiropractic is here to help you get through this problem with the expertise of our sciatica chiropractor


What Causes Sciatica?


Sciatica is a condition that results in pain, weakness, or numbness in the leg. This condition is caused when the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated.


Sciatica pain is often mild to severe. Some feel it on one side of the body only, and some experience numbing or deep aching on some part of their body, particularly on the lower back and hips. To keep you acquainted with the sciatica condition, here are common causes of sciatica:


  • One of the common and typical causes of sciatica is a herniated disc. This is a condition where your spine puts pressure on your sciatic nerve. 
  • Another cause is the bone spur pressing on the nerve or a narrowing portion on your spine that causes tension on your sciatic nerve. 
  • It can also be due to inflammation and irritation from a pinched nerve on your lower back. 
  • If you have a past or previous injury, that can also be a cause for alarm.
  • Overweight or heavy weight can be a risk factor for sciatica as well. If your body has too much weight to carry, the main affected area is the spine. That will cause tension in your lower back and hips, which may result in sciatica. 
  • If you have degenerative disk disease, which results in spinal stenosis or the narrowing of nerve passageways, this can affect your spine and pinch the nerve. 
  • The slipping of a vertebra or spondylolisthesis is also one of the factors that cause sciatica. 


How Can Sciatica Chiropractors Cure Sciatica?


Chiropractic treatments and services are one of the best options for sciatica. With the help of a skilled sciatica chiropractor, you can expect a natural and therapeutic medication that harmful side effects won’t be met. Unlike surgical treatments, you have to alleviate and condition yourself with the pain and the post-treatment side effects. 


Here are the various chiropractic services that sciatica chiropractors do to relieve and treat sciatica conditions:


  • Pre-Assessment and Diagnosis – before anything else, your sciatica chiropractor will assess your medical history to know the underlying causes of your sciatica. This is a crucial practice to avoid unwanted or inappropriate medications later on. Since chiropractic treatments are commonly done with spinal manipulation, a sciatica chiropractor needs to assess your physical condition to prevent malfunction or alignment error during the manipulation process. 
  • Therapeutic Massage – chiropractic treatment’s objective is to encourage natural body healing. With therapeutic massages, the sciatica nerve will be induced with muscle relaxations, enabling endorphins, the main components of natural body painkillers. Compared to spa massages, where sore muscles are commonly directed, sciatica chiropractors focus more on easing the sciatica pain and soothing the affected part. 
  • Spinal Adjustments and Manipulations – One standard treatment for sciatica is spinal manipulation. This is where a sciatica chiropractor adjusts the spine to take off the pressure on the sciatica nerve and promote spinal mobility. This is also a great way of restoring any misaligned vertebrae that causes tension and stress. 
  • Laser Therapy and Ultrasound – Another great way of treating sciatica is through ultrasound or low-laser therapy. Ultrasound treatment is a procedure where there is heat generated on the body, which promotes healing while reducing muscle spasms and inflammation. Low-laser therapy, commonly known as cold laser therapy, reduces muscle tensions, cramps, and rashes. This will soothe sciatic pain and other musculoskeletal pains. 
  • Decompression on the Spine – this is a treatment for easing and relieving pain in the sciatic nerve. When your spine or some vertebra are compressed, the tension on the sciatic nerve arises, leading to sciatica. Through this method, the sciatica chiropractor performs adjustment and decompression to relieve the pressing or pinching nerve. 
  • Alternate Hot and Cold Therapy – If the patient is experiencing too much inflammation and muscle tightness, applying heat therapy and cold therapy will resolve the problem. The heat therapy lessens muscle tightness and promotes healing of the aching part. In contrast, cold therapy eases inflammation by slowing the blood flow. If you are not skilled in chiropractic therapies, consult a sciatica chiropractor since they know which treatment will suit your condition. 


Why Call A Sciatica Chiropractor?


Some might be a little bit doubtful when it comes to chiropractic treatments. That may be because most of us are acquainted with surgical treatments and are unaware of natural and alternative therapies. If you like to try chiropractic care, here are some essential tips on why you need to call a sciatica chiropractor to cure your sciatica. 


  • Effective and Easiest Way – Many patients do not know that chiropractic treatments for sciatica are one of the easiest and most effective methods of treating it. There are many chiropractic services for curing sciatica, which is done in a natural-therapeutic method. Compared to surgical treatments, sciatica chiropractors use spinal manipulation and massages to relieve sciatic pain. 
  • Specialize in Musculoskeletal system – Skilled sciatica chiropractors are trained vigorously in musculoskeletal treatment. This covers the body’s bones, muscles, joints, cartilages, and tendons. This proves that they are experts in treating various conditions concerning body structures. 
  • Accessible Treatments for all – sciatica chiropractors can be consulted even without a referral from someone. You can quickly get a chiropractic service just by scheduling an appointment. Your sciatica chiropractor can give you a concrete treatment plan in which you can participate freely and comfortably. 
  • Expert Advice and Recommendations – a sciatica chiropractor can give you helpful advice and recommendations when it comes to maintaining healthy body structure and preventing sciatica conditions. There are many post-treatment exercises and routines that a sciatica chiropractor can share with you, which we guarantee as a significant factor in your recovery goals. Aside from that, you won’t be worrying about getting lost along the process since they can constantly guide you on what to do and what not to do. 
  • Accurate Diagnosis and Suitable Solutions – getting an expert on your side will not just make things more precise, but it is a crucial part of making an accurate diagnosis in the first place. This will direct the treatment process and determine suitable solutions for your sciatica condition. 


If you are experiencing sciatica or you know someone who is suffering from this condition, seek the help of professional sciatica chiropractors as early as possible. Do not let things get worse or escalate into further complications. Trust our best and most skilled sciatica chiropractors here at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic. Visit our website for more related chiropractic details. Call us today and schedule your first appointment!

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