Sciatica pain is most likely the cause of a shooting, piercing pain that radiates from the lower back down to the legs. And like any other pain, it gets in our productive life. Here at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic, we can help you understand how a Sciatica Chiropractor can treat Sciatica pain without surgery.


Chiropractic care can gently and naturally relieve sciatica pain, which can be completely painful. However, the pain must be treated without expensive or adverse side effects. As a result, here are some ways a sciatica chiropractor might assist with sciatica:

Chiropractic massage therapy

This kind of massage is quite effective at reducing sciatica pain. It can cause the release of endorphins, which function as natural painkillers, and deep relaxation of the muscles. Chiropractic massage is mainly focused on calming and curing sciatica, even though ordinary spa massage may help to relieve tight muscles and tension. 

Chiropractors are experts in your body’s entire musculoskeletal system. To guarantee that the recovery process begins, they are aware of where and how to exert force.

  • Heat and Cold Therapy

Switching between cold and heat therapy has been found by chiropractors to work miracles in reducing sciatica pain quickly. Heat has the power to relax tense muscles and relieve pain. 

Cold therapy will slow the blood flow, and inflammation signs will be lessened. The sciatica chiropractor is mindful of the best course of action for you, including whether to combine treatments and how frequently to do so.

  • Chiropractic workouts

Certain types of movement might make sciatica pain worse. However, based on the underlying reason for the issue, a sciatica chiropractor would suggest exercises that not only prevent irritation of the sciatic nerve but also assist in reducing the pressure caused by irritated and tight muscles. You can perform stretching exercises at home as part of these workouts. Yoga can also help with sciatica pain relief.

  • Ultrasound and other forms of treatment

Ultrasound is the mild heat produced by sound waves that reach deep inside the body’s tissues. It can reduce cramping, edema, muscle tightness, and pain while enhancing circulation.

Low-level laser therapy, commonly referred to as cold laser therapy, is one of the additional treatment options a chiropractor can utilize to aid with sciatica pain. 

  • Changes in lifestyle

Chiropractors examine all facets of your life. For example, to secure the position of the sciatic nerve, they can suggest a different way to do things, sit, sleep, and raise. You can improve your back muscles with the help of this advice to keep the disc in position.

This is vital because a more muscular, stronger back makes it less complicated for discs to shift and again exert pressure on the sciatic nerve. Thus, sciatica chiropractors can assist in both the short- and long-term reduction of sciatica pain.


Few injuries can make you less mobile than a back injury. For example, your legs and buttocks may experience extreme pain if your low back’s nerves are irritated or squeezed. Tens of millions of individuals seek Google for treatment for this kind of discomfort.

How can chiropractic treatment help in sciatica pain?

  • In most cases, chiropractors treat sciatica by relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve and regaining the client’s low back, pelvis, and hips’ normal range of motion. The client can be given a chiropractic adjustment to help with this, and the problem areas may also receive some soft tissue muscle release.
  • Chiropractic care uses drug-free, non-invasive, or non-surgical methods to assist the body in healing itself. Chiropractic massage therapy is the kind of massage that is quite effective at reducing sciatica pain.
  • This chiropractic treatment can even stimulate the release of endorphins, which function as natural relievers, and deep relaxation of the muscles.

Proofs that Chiropractic Treatment is more preferred than surgery 

The most secure and efficient treatment choices for persons with sciatica have been studied by renowned research journals like SPINE and the European Spine Journal. You probably be surprised by what they’ve discovered:

  • Chiropractic therapy showed the same positive effects on patients who were surgical candidates as on the surgery itself.
  • Even though there is insufficient evidence to support their usage, many people get injections and drugs for back pain.
  • According to research, chiropractic treatment can provide relief for more than 89 percent of sciatica sufferers.

Numerous of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals acknowledge chiropractic as a secure and reliable method of pain therapy. Back then, many patients endured painful, risky procedures to resolve their back issues. 

We now understand that treatment with drugs, injections, or surgery should only be used as a last option. However, according to the studies, chiropractic care is still the most important choice for pain relief and regaining your life.


After your treatment, your sciatica chiropractor will advise you on what to do after the chiropractic procedure. Here are a few examples:

  • Take breaks throughout the working day.

Long periods spent in one posture might make sciatica worse. So throughout the day, try taking breaks and shifting your seating posture. In the end, you may feel less pain than before.

  1. Hamstring and hip muscles should be stretched.

Your lower back suffers when your hamstrings and hip muscles are tight. Many patients report a considerable reduction in their sciatica pain after loosening these muscles. 

  • Employ ice packs

Sciatica pain can be lessened with the use of ice packs. An ice pack can be used for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.

  • Regain your strength

Sit-ups are low-impact workouts that can help strengthen your back and core muscles. By making these muscles stronger, you can increase spinal support and lessen sciatica pain. Be cautious and slow-moving while performing these exercises to reduce the possibility of making your discomfort worse.

  • Go for heat

Your discomfort may be lessened by hot packs, heating pads, or even warm water in the bath. 

  • Practice yoga

Yoga can relieve discomfort while enhancing your strength, flexibility, and posture. Additionally, yoga offers excellent advantages for both workouts and relaxation. 

  • Get a massage

A massage can significantly reduce discomfort and loosen up tense muscles. 

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I’ve had chronic back pain since a car accident left me with multiple herniated discs. After years of feeling like I was on an assembly line with chiropractic care and PT, Dr. Paige was the first doctor to actually want to fix my back and not just treat it. She and Dr. Charlie are both so kind and knowledgeable. Their office is warm, inviting, and child-friendly. Would totally recommend to anyone looking for chiropractic care in the area!

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Awesome service and care. The results was visible immediately for me, I would recommend anytime. When you walk in, you feel like family.
Their work shows wonderful results.
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Dr. Charlie & Dr. Paige are fantastic! I have been having neck issues for about a year and since I began treatment with them I have noticed some big improvements. They do an excellent job explaining things and helping their patients the best they can. They are also very welcoming and professional, highly recommend!
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