Who in Champion Forest doesn’t take satisfaction in putting in the effort to achieve their objectives? It is human nature to relish the praises that come with witnessing outcomes, regardless of the scenario. However, in today’s world, it’s almost as though achieving goals isn’t enough. We need to get to our objectives as soon as possible! There are various reasons why “rapid” isn’t always the best speed for achieving your objectives; in fact, racing for results may cause more harm than good. To learn more, please contact our Champion Forest chiropractic office.

What’s the number of times we’ve all heard the same story? Someone makes the decision to “get in shape,” and they buy the equipment, shoes, and gym membership. They go to the gym one, two, or several more times, dreaming of a perfect figure, and they desire it after the first few trips.

The truth is that they do not properly prepare for the workout program, overdo it on the first few excursions, and wind up being sore for days or injuring themselves, incurring even more delays and potential medical expenditures. The goal of starting an exercise program and becoming in shape is frequently unachieved because those who set the goal are attempting to accelerate the process by exercising harder rather than smarter.


So, what does it mean to exercise smarter? TAKE IT SLOW is the basic answer. If you haven’t been exercising, your body can only handle a small amount of activity before becoming strained and sore. Furthermore, even if you have been exercising for some time, you should not drastically raise the intensity of your activity because you risk experiencing the same pain and injury. Rushing yourself will almost always result in harm and prevent you from making the slow, steady progress necessary to achieve your objectives.


Depending on your age and current fitness level, the best workout method is modest, steady, and long-term. It’s a good idea to start with a walking program and gradually increase your pace and length over time. An exercise program should not be undertaken for a few weeks or months at a time. It should be a healthy habit that lasts a lifetime.

Regardless of the type of workout you’re doing, the same moderate, progressive method should be employed. If you’re using weights, performing pilates, or doing yoga, it’s best to start slowly. Always pay attention to what your body is telling you; in the long run, less is more. If you stick with it, you’ll see wonderful effects like greater energy, better posture and flexibility, a healthier complexion, and a better night’s sleep.


Chiropractic therapy in Champion Forest is an excellent addition to any workout routine. Minor injuries that go unreported may occur when you work out and improve your strength and fitness levels. Regular chiropractic care can help you avoid injuries and speed up the healing process by increasing joint mobility. The majority of injuries are caused by tight muscles and a lack of flexibility. Chiropractic care allows your spine to regain and retain joint flexibility, allowing it to withstand the physical demands of regular activity. Chiropractic care should be a part of any fitness routine.

Simply exercise more intelligently.

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Client Testimonials

I’ve had chronic back pain since a car accident left me with multiple herniated discs. After years of feeling like I was on an assembly line with chiropractic care and PT, Dr. Paige was the first doctor to actually want to fix my back and not just treat it. She and Dr. Charlie are both so kind and knowledgeable. Their office is warm, inviting, and child-friendly. Would totally recommend to anyone looking for chiropractic care in the area!

Jessilyn L.
Great experience and the staff is very friendly. Dr. Paige took her time to explain my issues and go over the program. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my issues and expect to continue to have progress. Highly recommend.
Kara E.
Awesome service and care. The results was visible immediately for me, I would recommend anytime. When you walk in, you feel like family.
Their work shows wonderful results.
Yisel R.
Dr. Charlie & Dr. Paige are fantastic! I have been having neck issues for about a year and since I began treatment with them I have noticed some big improvements. They do an excellent job explaining things and helping their patients the best they can. They are also very welcoming and professional, highly recommend!
Frank P.